11 revelations made by Jacqueline and Sidharth on Koffee with Karan 5 that will leave you STUNNED

So it was Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernadez’ turn to grace the Koffee couch this Sunday and we are rather surprised because the duo has made some shokcing revelations. And if you observe the body language of Jacky and Sid throughout the episode, you’d wonder if there is some serious chemistry between them.. No I mean seriously, they were flirting SO much! I hope Alia Bhatt doesn’t have a problem with that. This was Jacqueline’s first appearance on the show and we must say she was really good! Both Sid and Jacqueline who are gonna be sharing the screenspace in Reload for the first time looked stunning together. Here’s taking a look at 11 revelations made by the Reload co-stars.
1. Single, but not ready to mingle?
When asked if she is single or not, Jacqueline said that she was single and has been so since a long time now. She also expressed how she needs to get her mojo back. But currently she has sacrificed her family and personal life for work.
Karan then asks Sid about his relationship status and he goes on to say that he is also single. Oh c’mon Sid, like we don’t know where and with whom you were with on New Years! Ahem!
2. Sid’s relationship with Alia
Karan was intrigued by this answer, so he followed it up by asking him about his relationship with Alia. Sid said that he has been friends with her since a while and they have worked in many films. Karan, however wasn’t very convinced. He asked him again if he never dated her? He says NO and smiles. Karan tags this as a guilty smile and rightly so!
3. Jacqueline reveals Sid is quite a flirt
Mss Fernandez reveals that Sid is quite flirty. But Sid gives the perfect response, “Just look at her, who wouldn’t.”
4. Jacqueline’s link-up with Arjun Kapoor
After Sid, it’s Jacqueline’s turn. Karan shifts his focus to her and asks her about all the link ups with Arjun Kapoor. She plays them down by saying that they were “just good friends”.
5. Where does KJo get his gossip from?
Sid and Jackie throw a question at Karan asking him where he gets all his gossip stories from? Any guesses what he says? “Kareena is my secret source,” Karan reveals. Hmm.. interesting!
6. When Karan asked Sid about his friendship with Varun Dhawan
Are you also one of those who are wanting to know whether things are fine between Sid and Varun? Sid reveals that things are different. They meet lesser, but their friendship is the same. He even adds that they try meeting whenever they get a chance. So apparently, all is well between them.
7. The Koffee shots game
They then move to the Koffee shots game where a lot of secrets come out! When asked if they had ever fantasized about their co-stars, both Sid and Jacqueline say YES and have a shot!
When asked if they have been a part of the mile high club (making out with someone on a plane), both of them say yes.
Both of them even reveal that they have had a shower with someone and have had phone sex too
8. A threesome for Sid?
The actor further made yet another shocking revelation that left us stunned. He went on to say that he had had a threesome earlier in his life..
9. Jackie also revealed that she doesn’t wear anything to the bed
Need we say anything more?
10.On Salman Khan
When asked to tell the appropriate quote to be put on Salman Khan’s t-shirt, she said it should be “I am a virgin.”
11.If not an actress, Jacqueline would make a great STRIPPER, says Sid!
Talking about alternate career, he suggests that Jacqueline would make a great stripper as she is learning it right now. Ahem ahem.. Now how does he know that??