Bigg Boss 10 Episode 80 updates: Bani J becomes the go-to person for Nitibha Kaul and Rohan Mehra

On Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, we witnessed an interesting nominations ki prakriya in which the housemates were divided in pairs and were asked to nominate in twos. Naturally this caused a lot of havoc, as none of the jodis except that of Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa’s came to a conclusion. After nominations comes the task, and like every other task inside the Bigg Boss house, this week’s too created hell lot of drama, which we got to witness in last night’s telecast of the high voltage reality show. But in case you missed it, here are the highlights:
Bani J sudden closeness towards Lopamudra Raut is being questioned – Preempting the task that they are soon going to be subjected to, the housemates woke up to the song Main maal gaadi. With almost the entire house now turned against Bani, Manveer Gurjar and Manu started the day by talking about her indifferent behavior and how she spends most of her time cooking or eating something. Pointing out the new friendship blooming between Lopa and Bani, Mona teased her while Manu and Manveer do the opposite and advised her that they should continue talking to each other.
Bani becomes the go-to person for Nitibha Kaul and Rohan Mehra – As the day progressed, M3 were seen having a discussion about Nitibha in the kitchen area where they said that Nitibha is following Bani’s footsteps as she feels that she can survive in the game alone just like Bani. At the same time, Rohan found solace in having a conversation with Bani and told her that he is completely disheartened by Lopa’s behavior as she completely ignores his comments and tries to put him down all the time. Bani also became the go-to person for Nitibha as she vented out about M3 undermining her and having least expectations from her.
The BB Rail task – Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Rohan and Mona in the confession where he asked them to attribute a certain against the names of the rest of housemates. Accrediting the least amount to Om Swami and Nitibha, the two bid the lowest on them. Lopa and Manveer were attributed the highest amount followed by Manu and Bani. Bigg Boss told Rohan and Mona that they cannot disclose the amount to the rest of the contestants and if they do so, the task will be terminated. Elaborating on the task, Bigg Boss told Rohan and Mona that they will act as the jailers in the BB Rail task, while the rest of the housemates will be the prisoners. Rohan and Mona are required to continuously rotate the levers placed near the engine while the prisoners have to survive for a considerable amount of time inside the jail. After every siren, Rohan and Mona will get a chance to free one prisoner and deliver him/her to Bigg Boss. If they become successful in doing so, the amount attributed to that particular contestant will be added to the overall winning amount. If the prisoners free themselves by their own will, they will become the contenders for this week’s captaincy task. The frequency of the siren will directly be proportional to the speed of the train.
Bani quits the task yet again – As soon as the task began, Manu and Manveer strategized and etched out a plan to survive in the task. After a couple of hours, Manu told Mona that he is feeling uncomfortable and wanted to use the washroom. Mona remained tongue-tied but hinted that Manu needs to stay inside the for a longer time and Manu obliges. After contemplating for a while, Bani decided to join the captaincy race and escaped from the jail. Upset about her decision of giving up on the task once again, Lopa reminded her of her new year resolution that she had announced in front of everyone.
Om Swami creates a ruckus again – Soon after Bani quits, Swami Om, who was out of the house to appear before a Delhi court for the hearing in a theft case lodged against him re-entered the house and was asked to be a part of the task. But once again the going gets tough for the contestants as Swami Om created a riot and fought with the contestants to get off the train. The moment the first siren rings, Swami Om opened his hatkadi and escaped the jail by breaking the rules.