Indian Idol

The show is making a come back on Indian Television after a gap of four years. Sonu Nigam is one of the judges this season. He is making a comeback to the show after a decade. Sony TV recently announced the show with a promo video featuring Sonu Nigam.Other judges of the show will be Anu Malik and Farah Khan.After 10 years, Sonu Nigam is going to become the judge of Season 7.Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan is third judge for the Indian Idol 7 . One may wonder what will Farah Khan be doing in a singing reality show. Farah has a keen ear for music and it can be noted that all her films have a great soundtrack. This makes Farah a perfect choice to be a part of the show’s judges panel.
Niranjan confronts Maya and asks why did she leave him just for money. Maya says she did not leave hm for money. He asks to tell the reason then. She says she cannot. He holds he hands. An emotional ghazal plays in the background. He says he hates her so much now that he cannot get her out of his mind now, so she should tell the reason and free him from his agony. Maya also gets emotional. Just then, Rita calls Niranjan and asks him to pick kids from school. He says okay, don’t worry. Maya says Niranjan that he should go now. He leaves sadly, calls Gayatri and asks her to bring children from school as he is busy in a meeting.
Sameer and Rahul try their secret mobile fixed in jewelry box and hear only traffic sound. Uday reaches Mandy’s home and calls Pintoto meet him and take 8 lakhs worth jewelry and tells him address from where to pick. Sameer and Rahul think they will bring Uday back home soon.
Gayatri brings Niranjan’s children home from school with lots of christmas props shopping. Ila receives them and checks all the items. Children say they have planned a christimas party and taima/Gayatri has promised to help them. Niranjan sitting in park calls Gayatri and asks if she brought children home. Gayatri says yes and asks him to concentrate on his meeting. Children insist to speak and ask Niranjan to come home soon as they have planned Christmas party tonight. He says he will come late as he is bringing Santa home. He then reminisces Maya telling he did not leave him for money. Maya also reminisces Niranjan’s words.
Gayatri helps children decorate christmas tree, santa claus cap, etc… and tells Ila that Uday never did all this. Ila tells children that she will prepare all sweets they like, what else they need. Kids say the need cake, it is a christmas party. Gayatri says she has receipe and groceries at home, so she wil prepare cake.
Sameer and Rahul listen to Uday and Mandy’s talk over phone. Niranjan’s children knock door. Rahul comes out closing door. Children dorn him santa claus cap and invite him for party. They ask Sameer. Sameer comes out and greets them.
Precap: Niranjan looks at Uday’s forged leave letter and cries reminiscing principal telling Uday Mehta is a spoilt brat and good he did not come to college and asks if he did not sign leave letter, then Uday has forget his signature..